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Speak up

What did the Professional Speaking Association ever do for us? Some years ago I decided I wanted to get fit and lose some weight, and so I  started cycling.   Initially, it was just an occasional trip out with some friends on our Mountain Bikes, and as my interest and fitness improved I started to […]

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Stuck in the storm

There is a storm going on right now for many businesses in the midst of this pandemic, where uncertainty is causing staff to dwell in the storm for far longer than they need to. If the team can’t see a way forward with certainty, and the what-if discussion goes round in circles, then the team can find itself languishing in the storm from where others have already emerged.

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Roger in Deliver, Dream, Leadership, PRIZE

June 5, 2020

The journey out of COVID

Be authentic. We can’t know everything about a future that has so much uncertainty. We’ll need to make decisions, and we’ll inevitably get some wrong. People will expect that, and people will see that, so don’t try to hide it or spin it so that it looks right. Own your good decisions and own your bad decisions, and you’ll earn people’s respect. After all, people would rather follow a leader who is always authentic, than one who is never wrong.

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Roger in Dream, Leadership, PRIZE

May 22, 2020

Find your phoenix

Perhaps it seems like our intended mission has been aborted and that we are facing the worst disaster we’ve ever experienced. However, maybe, now is also the time for our finest hour, if we can find a way out of this season and rise, renewed, like a phoenix from the remains left from the embers of our predecessor.

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Roger in Develop, Leadership, PRIZE

May 8, 2020

Do we need faster horses?

When I was working on a PC I would scan the keyboard for letters that I know I used to be able to find easily. The M key had disappeared, or rather it had moved! It wasn’t until I noticed that the keys at the top of the keyboard no longer spelled out “QWERTY” that I discovered the reason.

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