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Roger in Deliver, Interact, Leadership, PRIZE

March 20, 2020

Living in an online world

My current plan involved spending the morning with over 200 other people, and then going directly to visit with two people who were considered to be at high risk of being seriously affected by this growing pandemic should they contract the virus. That didn’t seem to be a wise plan of action.

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Roger in Deliver, Interact, Leadership, Online, PRIZE

March 13, 2020

Tech Tools for Life Online

I have been using the online environment for over 15 years, and today I’ll be bringing some of the main ideas from this experience. We will look at some great ideas for encouraging participant engagement in the online environment, and we’ll have the chance to explore some of this mysterious online world together.

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Roger in Deliver, Interact, Leadership, PRIZE

March 6, 2020

Engaging with Life Online

How do we go about influencing an audience so that they do change their behaviour, and turn Shelf-Development into Self-Development? This post looks at video conferencing, and in particular, at some additional tools we can use to encourage participation and engagement in online meetings.

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Roger in Develop, Leadership, PRIZE

September 20, 2019

Leadership Development

“Now looking back at all we’ve planned, we’ve let so many dreams just slip through our hands.”   “Do you know where you’re going to” written by Michael Masser and Gerald Goffin The first time my wife and I visited a place called “Cartagena” on the South East coast of Spain, we had an interesting […]

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Roger in Implement, Leadership, PRIZE

July 12, 2019

Leadership is Alignment

Leadership is Intentional Alignment in the context of Results The properties of magnetic materials have been known about for thousands of years.  The ancient Greeks and Romans knew that certain materials can attract other similar materials, notably lodestone which is an iron-rich material, and these materials have been used in compasses to help with navigation […]

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