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Top Technology Tips for Better Online Meetings

Meetings at work present great opportunities to showcase your talent. Do not let them go to waste.     

~ Abhishek Ratna

You should never go to a meeting or make a telephone call without a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve.

~ Steve Jobs

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How to deal with silences

Start with a few easy “yes” questions
eg: Before getting into the questions, I’d just like to go round the room to check “Have I understood your requirements adequately?”

What to do when you don’t know the answer

That’s a brilliant question – I didn’t think of checking that but I can see how important it is to you.  I’m really glad you’re here today!  I’ll look forward to finding the answer and I’ll get right back to you when I have it. What’s the best way to get hold of you for that?

How to deal with attendees that are not participating. 

Some people like to have time to process information before contributing.  Consider what you can share before the meeting so those who are more cautious and introverted have time to process the information.

Leading a Meeting

Take control (easy to say, not always easy to do) but don’t dominate
YOU Start the meeting.  
Courtesy (thanks for coming) 
Respect your colleagues time (mobiles off/silent, STAY IN THE ROOM)
Actions – what’s the output, by whom, and by when & CLOSE THE LOOP

Influence (not giving out a list of tasks)

How to turn ‘have-to’ into ‘want-to’
Beliefs > Values > Attitudes/Emotions > Behaviour
State the Outcome required, and then explore Outputs and then Activities
Who would be the best person to do that most effectively?

Professionally Speaking ~ Online

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