Roger Fairhead Certificate JMT Certified

Sustainable Leadership … on Purpose

… because it doesn’t happen by accident

Sustainable Leadership is about pursuing a purpose that is bigger than just making a profit.

Sustainable Leaders respect people and protect the environment as well as making a profit, and they’re passionate about their purpose too.

“People are becoming increasingly intolerant
of companies without a compelling cause
and a collaborative culture”

~ Roger Fairhead

Sustainable Leadership doesn’t happen by accident, it takes deliberate action; it happens … on purpose.

What is Sustainable Leadership?

There are various definitions for Sustainable Leadership. Some of these include:
Sustainable leadership is about promoting a long-term vision of improvement
Sustainable leadership is about embracing the wider impact of our actions on society and the environment
Sustainable leadership
is concerned with creating current and future profits for an organisation while improving the lives of all concerned
Sustainable leadership
is meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs
but actually, I like to think of it as simply “The Countryside Code, for Business”

Sustainable Leadership is …
the Countryside Code, for Business

~ Roger Fairhead

The Countryside Code has four key elements which together mean that everyone can enjoy spending time pursuing their interests in the countryside.

We could say that Sustainable Leadership includes the same four key elements which together mean that everyone can enjoy spending time pursuing their interests in business.

My Purpose

When I was growing up, my dream was to become an Engineer and much of my early career was spent managing engineering projects. A key lesson I learned in that role was that you can manage things, but you need to lead people. I discovered that a key differentiator between success and failure usually had a lot to do with effective leadership skills, with leading people well. I found that you can get the best out of people when you can turn “have-to” into “want-to”, because then people inspire themselves to be great.

The next step in discovering my purpose came some years later during an exercise that I now use with my clients. I call it a “life sentence” exercise and it involves looking back at your life and learning what your life history can tell you about your life’s purpose. As Steve Jobs said at his Stanford University commencement address in 2005, “You can only join the dots looking backwards.”. I discovered that everything I’ve done well, I’ve taught, and that I just love helping people learn.

The final piece of the puzzle came when I thought about the clients I love working with most, and the main thing we all had in common was that we are all passionate about a purpose that is bigger than just making a profit. Initially, that was in the charity sector, but it son extended well beyond that to helping leaders at all levels and with people delivering a valuable, sustainable outcome wherever they were; people who wanted to make a living from making a difference; people who were difference makers.

In summary, my purpose is to help difference makers make a difference; a sustainable, measurable, worthwhile difference.

How do I work? [VIDEO]

<Video 1>

I like to help difference makers make a difference; a sustainable, measurable, worthwhile difference
and I often start by exploring two key questions:
What’s the difference you want to make? and
What makes you different?
Having explored the answers to these two questions we’ll usually go on to have a discussion about what you see as the biggest leadership challenge you’re facing for you and for your business, and then set about addressing that challenge.

For anyone not yet ready to engage with me in that way I still like to add value where I can, and I do that in several ways. In addition to posting and engaging regularly in social media, I have a blog series going back several years, a collection of videos on my Youtube channel and on Teachable, a Podcast, a sustainable leadership e-bulletin, and I have several books available on Amazon too. All of these resources are provided to add value to leaders and to help difference makers make the difference they want to make. What’s more, most of them are entirely free.

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When you’re ready to explore Sustainable Leadership … on purpose, we’ll fix up a time to have a discovery call to explore your answers to those two questions: what’s the difference you want to make, and what makes you different. It’s a 45-minute call and it’s entirely free, and people find the clarity that answering these two questions brings is really helpful.

For some people, simply processing the answers to those two questions provides the encouragement needed to start exploring how to work towards your Cause and develop your Culture, so that your organisation is fit for purpose for the new era that’s been developing in recent times, and is now starting to emerge and be noticed all around us.

<Video 3>

Others will want to move to the next stage of having a Difference Maker call where we will usually start by following one of four pathways.

The first explores the first diagnostic question: “What’s the Difference you want to make” and puts your dream to the test. We’ll work through a process designed to help you gain clarity on the purpose you want to pursue in your organisation.
The second pathway explores the other diagnostic question: “What makes you Different” and looks at the cultural values you’d like to see, and that are present in your organisation, and where they diverge. We’ll work through a process designed to help you to understand and articulate the beliefs and values that are key to your future.
Another option is to determine your Leadership Quotient, and perhaps extend that to some of your team too if that’s helpful. We’ll use the information gleaned from this process to understand where you need to focus your attention to build your leadership skills most effectively.
The fourth pathway is a Diagnostic Coaching Call where we will explore your biggest leadership challenge and find ways to address that for you and your organisation.

From there we have various options to explore depending on your unique circumstances. These can be further Coaching Calls or Specific Focus sessions based on particular areas of focus using one or more of the PRIZE Winning Leadership programs or made to measure events designed specifically for you.

Who do I work with?

If you want to make a genuine, worthwhile difference and deliver a valuable, sustainable outcome then I would love to work with you, and help you to make the difference that you set out to achieve.

My clients include a variety of organisations of different sizes, including individual entrepreneurs, small business owners with their teams, CEOs and senior management teams of larger SMEs, schools or universities. The thing they all have in common is that they want to make a difference, and here is some of their feedback.

Brief Case Study & Testimonials
(Quotes to be extracted from these testimonials)

Danny Flynn (CEO, YMCA)
I have known Roger for over 15 years; almost as long as I have been CEO of the YMCA in North Staffordshire. I was excited when Roger joined the board and he was soon appointed as Vice-Chair.  In that time I got to know Roger as a bright able man who had a depth of knowledge and skills manifest so clearly in his book “PRIZE Winning Leadership”.

“PRIZE Winning Leadership” is more of a reference book for us, and it is found on my directors’ desks, not on their bookshelves.

Scott Cochrane (VP, Global Leadership Network)
I had the great privilege of working with Roger Fairhead in 2020 and 2021, as he assumed a key leadership role with our affiliated organisation, the Global Leadership Network – United Kingdom and Ireland (GLN UKI). During this season, I became very familiar with the strength of Roger’s skills not only as a leader but also as a leadership advisor. Roger brought his extensive background in leadership and leadership development to GLN UKI. In doing so, he demonstrated strong competency in a number of critical leadership functions, including:
– Team building
– Clarity of communications
– Vision alignment
– Strategic planning
– Goal setting
– Execution
If your organisation is in need of consultation in any of these areas of leadership, I would have no hesitancy in recommending the services of Roger Fairhead.

Joshua Fischer (CEO)
I’ve been taking executive coaching with Roger Fairhead for about a year and I always get great value from each session. Roger’s method of training, discussion, and pulling you along is the right balance for drawing out the best ideas. Today’s session helped me to discover some really insightful ideas that will have a significant impact on my business and really extend my capacity to grow my company; this session alone is worth the price of 10 years of executive coaching.

Nick Brennan (Head Teacher)
The session with Roger helped me focus on what it was I was trying to achieve. It clarified my goals and objectives and made it clear that I knew where I was going. It also made me consider how I influence others to join me on that journey and to remember that it’s not just about selling the vision, but also creating the imperative to leave where you currently are at. A very thought-provoking presentation that continues to resonate across the group.

Adam Harris (CEO Group Chair)
Roger Fairhead came to speak to one of my groups about PRIZE winning leadership. What I really loved about Roger is his ability to tell some really great stories to illustrate his fantastic content, and actually, it’s the pace that he goes through it and the format and the structure that he’s got that makes you think from a different perspective about leadership. There are lots of people that talk about leadership but what Roger is able to do is that he allows you to look at things from slightly different angles and different perspectives to really make you think differently as a leader I fully recommend that you look up hiring Roger for one of your groups.

Mark Faithfull (CEO, Cyber Security company)
Roger is one of those rare breeds – an inspirational leader, who gets things done and readily rolls up his sleeves to get involved with the day-to-day grind while also being able to step back and think strategically. I’ve also seen Roger operate as a coach and as a workshop leader and he is without a doubt one of the best. For anyone looking to develop leaders – be it their own leadership, or in an organisation of any size – my number one recommendation would be Roger Fairhead and his PRIZE Winning leadership every time.

Tony Burgess (Speaker and Coach)
Roger Fairhead is one of those people who you always KNOW you can rely upon. I have known Roger professionally now for over 15 years. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with him, experience his presentations as a professional speaker, benefit from his writing and refer to him as a model of excellence for ethical working. His work is guided by a big heart and a logical mind. He is always willing to keep stretching his comfort zones and keep developing and learning across a lifetime, so he really walks his talk. He is very personable as well as knowledgeable, experienced and practical. Roger is a good listener and as a result, he provides offerings that are very much tailored to needs and desired outcomes. If you take the time to connect with Roger and find out how he can help the people in your organisation, it will be time and energy well invested.

Steven Roberts (Life.Church, Oklahoma)
Roger listens carefully to your situation. He’ll help you pause and think through it from different perspectives and help remind you of the bigger goals you’re trying to achieve. His international experience is particularly helpful when leading a diverse team. His humble demeanour makes it easy to talk about anything.

Mike Hill (Former Bishop of Bristol)
Roger Fairhead is a gifted man of robust integrity whom I actively enjoy doing business with. He is a well informed and focused individual who has good communication skills and his experience in the field of leadership development will be of value to those organisations, across all sectors, that choose to partner with him. I warmly and enthusiastically commend him and his abilities.

Steven Smith (Director, Global leadership Network UKI)
Roger is the real deal! Focused, driven, enthusiastic, and level-headed. He is an excellent leader, speaker, coach, and facilitator. Roger brings clarity to chaos and has the ability to draw the best out of other people. If you need to navigate through a difficult situation or simply work out how to get where you want to be, then I am very happy to recommend Roger as an excellent person to bring to your table.

Steve Catchick (Customer Retention Specialist)
I have seen Roger facilitate a live meeting and more recently, deliver a virtual speech on his “PRIZE Winning Leadership”. On both occasions Roger was outstanding. Roger used humour, stories and relatable anecdotes that fully engaged the audience, making them part of the speech. He used a theme of music, weaved throughout his speech, that was relevant and hammered home the message repeatedly. His simple yet very effective use of technology proved him to be a master of the virtual stage. I have seen many speakers over the last two years. Roger is the best I have seen during this period. As a result of his talk, I have implemented a strategy I can use in my business immediately If you are looking for a speaker, or a trainer to inspire develop or coach your teams in leadership and self-development, book Roger now before he is too busy. You won’t regret it

Steve Bustin (Past President of the PSA)
I’ve heard Roger speak on a couple of occasions and he delivers great content with confidence and verve. I’ve also seen him work online, masterfully leading a multi-person virtual meeting, using technology to promote interaction between delegates and to keep the whole event lively, engaging and pertinent. He also led a workshop on best practices for running virtual or online events that was packed with useful tips and strategies that will make a huge difference to my online activities. If you’re looking for a leadership expert, especially someone who can deliver online as well as in person, happy to recommend Roger.

David Hyner (Motivational Speaker)
A leadership development facilitator who “really” cares about the people in the room and wants 100% to empower them to use the knowledge he imparts. A genuine guy with an engaging delivery style. Well worth a listen to.

Kaye Massey (HR Leader)
Roger recently came along to the Positive HR Forum to talk to the group about ‘Leadership’. Roger is extremely knowledgeable on this subject and his years spent developing leaders was evident throughout his presentation. The group really enjoyed listening to his advice and his structured way of explaining what it takes to be a good leader left everyone with some really useful tools to use in their businesses. Roger is both engaging and insightful and would recommend him to anyone looking to develop in this area.

Karen Wright (Accountant)
Understanding how to get the best out of your team is so important. Hopefully, we all want happy, fulfilled, motivated teams as that’s what’s best for them and the business. If you feel you need some guidance in this area definitely speak to Roger. He’s very knowledgeable in his area and easy to talk to. I’ve seen Roger present and he was great. There were lightbulb moments for several around the room.

Danny Flynn (CEO, YMCA) Case Study
We have been working with Roger to help us navigate and understand the new phase of the YMCA in this rather changed marketplace. His book “PRIZE Winning Leadership” has become a bit of a daily reference for our team of directors. It offers simple wisdom and sensible human truths. It helps to ground us back to reality and the real questions that need to be constantly asked: Why, What, When, Who, etc. Business can spiral into pointless complexities unless those founding principal questions are constantly applied.

Why are we engaging on a director’s development strategy with Roger? Well humanly he’s a great fella, he shares our values and supports our mission. Roger is ultimately helping our directors grow and develop their skills and knowledge to ensure the bus keeps driving in the right direction. As we, as a team, get older, we know that sooner or later someone else will come along and begin to drive our bus.

What: we engaged Roger to lead an ongoing CPD program to build those skills, to make sure we are all sitting on the right seat of the bus. Perhaps, as CEO, I need someone else to drive the bus for a while and I need to look at the map. Roger is helping us to refocus on the map.

When: our program has already started with director’s development days where Roger facilitates the discussions, and brings in ideas, knowledge and skills to encourage us to think creatively and innovate, unlocking new thoughts, affirming our gifts and talents and helping to identify and grow new ones.

Who: I think his approach really fits our business, he shares our value base: that given the right support, training, encouragement and skills, we can change the world.

About Roger Fairhead

Roger is a Leadership specialist and uses the PRIZE Winning Leadership model to help leaders improve their effectiveness and that of their teams, through remote and on-site delivery of keynotes, group training events and individual coaching sessions.

He is the author of several books including "PRIZE Winning Leadership" and “Personal Productivity Planner”, a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management and a Director of the Global Leadership Network UK with extensive experience in Project Management and Sales.

“He is articulate, tracks complex issues with ease and has an incredible gift for raising pearls of wisdom out of the murky depths of people and process.” His passion is to help people to learn effective leadership skills to lead their teams to capitalize on their strengths and passions to realize their dreams.

Roger also invests into the dreams of families in the world’s underserved communities to offer them small loans that empower them to invest in their future, to provide for their families and give back to their communities.